Recycling During a Remodel

There are many times when parts of an older home need to be taken out to create a more open living area, but that does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the wood being removed. Some pieces are unique, and people often find their older home was built with hardwoods. While these pieces might not be recycled into flooring or other structural components of the new configuration, some of them can be turned into beautiful accent pieces.

Many older homes have large fireplaces, and updating them is generally a good idea. Recycling wooden beams from the ceiling or the wall could come in the form of creating a new mantle for the upgrade. Thick pieces of wood are quite expensive, and hardwoods are the most costly. Turning an old piece of the structure into a new mantel will give it new life, and the owners will have a pleasant story to tell their future guests.

Adding a deck onto the back of the house has become very popular, but it requires more wood. The expense can be enormous for those on a tight budget, so recycling good pieces of wood from the inside remodeling can be a great way to extend their budget. As long as the pieces are sound, they can be used to create a safe deck that will last for years. It can be an economic boom for those who were concerned they would have to wait years to get everything they want done in the yard when they use inside structure no longer needed to complete their project.

Remodeling older homes can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. Many builders of the past had plenty of hardwood available, and they used it to ensure their homes would last more than a lifetime. Reusing it in new ways is cost effective while keeping landfills from overflowing.